Detangler Cleanser Conditioner by AfroShe

Detangler Cleanser Conditioner with Coconut & Avocado Oil

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AfroShe® Detangler Cleanser Conditioner - with Coconut and Avocado oil. This rich and creamy handmade Detangler Cleanser Conditioner is packed with natural, organic and chemical-free ingredients. It will detangle, cleanse and condition all hair types - straight, curly, frizzy, dry and Afro hair. The Detangler Cleanser Conditioner will detangle your hair strands and will gently cleanse any product build up on your scalp without stripping the natural oils in your hair. It will leave your hair feeling soft and silky. Perfect for the whole family, even babies!
Watch the benefit of the Detangler, Cleanser Conditioner...

1. 400g/ 14.1oz (large) 
2. 230g/ 8oz (regular)
3. With COMBO PACK ONLY - 100g/3.5oz
4. 16g/ 0.5oz (sample size)

For best results try the "Hair Care 3 Combo" 

~~How to use~~: Shake bottle well before use. For cleansing and conditioning wet hair and apply a small amount, working it through your hair from root to tips and then rinse. For detangling, dampen hair and work on small sections at a time. Tips: After detangling, keep hair sectioned by doing a loose two-strand twist. Undo each section, use finger tips to massage scalp and wash hair downwards while gently raking fingers through hair. After hair is washed, loosely retwist hair and move on to next section, until all sections are washed.

~~ For best results ~~ Moisturise hair with AfroShe® Hair Spritz & condition with AfroShe® Hair Butter (be sure to read instructions for use)

Store in the shower or in a cool place.

~~Excellent for all hair types~~
*Afro hair *straight
*curly * frizzy hair
*relaxed (chemically treated or damaged hair) *babies hair

Purified water, Conditioning Emulsifier, Emusifying Wax, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Xanthan Gum, Planta-Cleanse, Lamesoft, Hydrolyzed oats, Optiphen Plus/Nipaguard SCV, Sweet Orange Oil

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